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now want to bring in two people who are surely at odds in all this. p.j. crowley former assistant secretary of state for secretary clinton and dana loesch kee, host of the dana show. let me start with you. p.j. crowley. i'm getting a little weary, with the relentless attacks first on susan rice and then on hillary clinton. there's a whisper of misogyny to it i think, and it's getting pretty, i think, incestuous and very washington-orientated rather than in the national interests of america. what do you think? >> well, i think there are legitimate questions that still need to be answered. and as hillary clinton said today, the fbi is still working on the investigation. director mueller was in both libya and tunisia recently. i get disappointed when people give half of the story. the senator just said, you know, while this guy's been released. but as hillary clinton said today, yes, but he's under constant surveillance within tunisia, they're following the rule of law, and as more evidence becomes available they're fully prepared to act on him again. so i think, you know, as hillary
. candy crowley is joining us. welcome. we got david gergen here. we have jeffrey toobin here, within the next few -- minute or so we are going to hear the vice president. you and i have covered joe biden for a long time, when he was chairman of the judiciary committee, chairman of the foreign relations committee, ran for president, didn't necessarily work out. he is vice president. for him personally what is going through his min right now? >> you know, it's interesting, just talking to the senior white house advisory, david plouffe and how the first sometime kind of like your wedding. you don't remember much of it because there's just so much going on. he said the second time i'm gonna sit back and enjoy it like renewing your vows almost. take time to enjoy it. i think there's some of that. we are already talking about 2016. certainly, he has just thrown a lot of hints out there. do you think he will be thinking about that right when he takes the oath of office? no. i think he will be thinking about the moment and enjoying it. >> especially his family and grandkids, a very tightly k
first lady -" >> crowley: you're a fan. >> "i am a fan." >> crowley: you want her to run? >> "i would love it if she would run." >> senator barbara boxer echoed that sentiment during last week's congressional hearings on the benghazi attack. she told clinton she will be missed, but hopefully not for long. >> federal investigators are now saying the 7-8-7 that experienced a battery fire earlier this month was delivered to japan airlines less than three weeks before the fire. the national transportation safety board says the plane had only recorded 169 flight hours and 22 flights when the fire erupted in one of the airliner's two lithium ion batteries on january 7th. the fire occurred at logan international airport shortly after the plane landed. a second battery incident led to an emergency landing by another 7-8-7 in japan on january 16th. the 7-8-7 fleet has since been grounded. >> if it turned out to be a cool weekend however, there were some places in the '60s right now, a great visibility. we can see all the way through marin county but there are some high clouds toward and temper
cormick was. john boehner wrangling with his own party, michael crowley explains why we are poised to become a nation of cliff we w l dwellers, like the hobbit or something. meet the 5-passenger ford c-max hybrid. when you're carrying a lot of weight, c-max has a nice little trait, you see, c-max helps you load your freight, with its foot-activated lift gate. but that's not all you'll see, cause c-max also beats prius v, with better mpg. say hi to the all-new 47 combined mpg c-max hybrid. >>> so after the fiscal cliff roller coaster, we have some positive economic news. >> what? >> the new adp jobs report shows more than 200,000 private sector jobs added between november and december, leading to some cautious optimism for tomorrow's big jobs report and we will have our dynamic jobs duo of mauricecy and bernstein, get excited for that. >> i already am. >> before we get too thrilled, we know there are more cliffs on the horizon. we have got a huge debt ceiling fight looming next month and after that there are cliffs that aren't even financial. we have got immigration, education, guns, environ
to the european union trying to designate hezbollah as a terrorist organization. >> candy crowley joins me now. >> nothing gasp-worthy, but people look at the totality of t hagel, at one point, talked about how the jewish lobby in the u.s. intimidates lawmakers on capitol hill but that he is not an israeli senator, but a u.s. senator that hit people wrong. he has been opposed about the open talk whether the u.s. or israel ought to strike at iran if they are close to developing nuclear weaponry. you put all of that on top of that his critics come away thinking this is a candidate who, as defense secretary is not that strong a supporter of israel. but i will tell you that friends of chuck hagel push back very hard saying they are just not true, they are adding things up and coming one something that simply isn't true. 's strong supporter of israel, et cetera. it will play very big in confirmation hearings, should it get that far. >> something else that may play big is tough questioning, he is expected to face for his lack of support for the troop surge, you know, in iraq that was under president
crowley, good morning. you will speak with senator feinstein on today's show. >> right, these things have happened fairly quickly. we saw the president react so emotionally after the murders of all those children in connecticut. then we saw him mentioned in the inaugural address. dianne feinstein, the author of the first assault weapons ban which expired eight years ago. the question isn't whether the conversation is moving rapidly. the question is whether the bill will move rapidly and not a lot of people give it a huge chance of passing, at least the assault weapons part of it. if we want to talk to her about the chances of that, whether she has talked to some of the democrats who have voiced some reservations if not outright opposition to this bill. and try to size up the chances, because it is one thing to talk about it. as you know, much tougher to pass it. >> certainly so. candy crowley, thank you very much. >> thank you. >>> keep it here for "state of the union." starts in about ten minutes, 9:00 a.m. eastern right here on cnn. >>> breaking news we've been talking about. a devastat
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as conference chairman and craddick walton becomes -- greg walden becomes chairman of the nrc see. joe crowley is the new caucus vice chair. after the formal swearing-in of the group, speaker boehner met with members and their families for a mock swearing-in selected have their picture taken. -- so they could have their picture taken. >> how are you? thank you all. >> thank you. thank you very much. >> thank you. thank you all. >> thank you, sir. i am proud of you. >> stand right there. there we go. >> thank you, mr. speaker. >> raise your right hand. >> you are in the middle. you can hold that. >> thank you very much. >> thank you, mr. speaker, it is and honor. >> look straight ahead. congratulations. >> we will hold it. look straight ahead. >> congratulations. >> good job. >> how are you? there you go, just like that. >> perfect. right hand up, and there you go, perfect. >> congratulations. here we go. come on, get in there. gee whiz. right hand up. there we go. nice to see you. hi. there we go. smile. good job, good job. wow, look at this. >> thank you. >> here, put your hand up. there you
and columnis and member of the council on foreign relations monicker crowley among our guests tonight. we begin with it jennifer griffith who has the latest on was spared the hostage crisis and the fate of those involved. >> the kidnappers themselves said they took dozens of hostages at the bp oil and gas facility in response to algeria giving the french permission to fly into neighboring mali where french troops are trying to push back al qaeda-ling to preble's. >> instability in mali has created the opportunity for a staging base and safe haven for terrorists. >> more than 41 foreign oil workers were captured by the al qaeda-linked group whose leader lost an eye fighting in afghanistan. dozens of areas were also taken and then released. it is one of the largest hostage-taking incidents in recent memory. at 7:00 a.m. eastern algerian forces which had surrounded the dp complex without telling their u.s. partners stormed the facility using helicopter gunships to strafe the kidnappers as they tried to escape. algerian officials admit there were casualties. up to seven americans are still missing.
don't remember people demanding they get fired or anyone losing their jobs over it. p.j. crowley, do you believe that at any stage either susan rice or hillary clinton has deliberately lied or deliberately misled the american people? >> i think it's a serious charge and a false charge. for americans died in benghazi. we need to understand what happened there. i think it's important to put this in context. after 9/11 we declared war on al qaeda and that conflict is still going on. you have to put what happened in benghazi and what's happening in algeria in the broader struggle context that started in afghanistan and spread to iraq and is in yemen and pakistan and other places. we tend to understand that when soldiers go to war, they die in service to our country and we're grateful that they do that. once the conflict ends, we're left with fragile states with challenging situations and poor, weak governments and that's the construct that chris stevens willingly walked into because he understood that as we see a libya or egypt or tunisia or yemen move forward, the united states has to b
huffington post's" sam stein and "time" magazine's michael crowley. you guys are both good at analyzing these things. i thought schumer would take more time. that's why i'm impressed. he had the interview, asked the questions. got it on the record, maybe got a little more pro-hawkish than he was to start with the interview, but he got what he needed. i was impressed at the speed with which this is being done. your thoughts? >> i'm sort of with you on the one hand. it looked like schumer had legitimate concerns about what hagel's positions were with respect to iran and israel. then again, i thought about what was behind the act? in the end it was a democratic president appointing a cabinet member. it didn't shock me that schumer was on board. i was surprised by the speed. but it looks like it's shaping up for a relatively more comfortable confirmation battle for chuck hagel. >> michael, what i think, it's not about attitude. i don't know where cardin is going to go. he expressed concerns in the beginning. i don't know where a lot of people from big states, jewish communities are more sen
and ron brownstein. i'm candy crowley and this is "state of the union." >>> good morning on an historic sunday here in washington, d.c. president obama will take the oath of office for his second term after this morning in a private ceremony at the white house. the constitution requires that he be sworn in by noon, january 20th. vice president joe biden was sworn in a short time ago, justice sonia sotomayor administering the oath. the president and vice president have just arrived at arlington national cemetery where they will place a wreath at the tomb of the unknown of. we will bring that ceremony to you live when it begins. president obama's public swearing-in takes place tomorrow on the west front of the u.s. capitol. we are told in his inaugural speech he will not include any new proposals or call out, if you will, any of his political opponents. arlington that's your, you see the president and vice president, what has become a tradition, which is to go to the to tomb of the unknown of and, of course, pay homage to those who make plays like this possible. [ drumbeats ] [ "taps" ] >
rendell is the former governor of pennsylvania and michael crowley is with "time" magazine. it looks like they're looking at states like pennsylvania that has traditionally been a democratic presidential state. explain the game they might be playing or up to at least. >> well, it's very simple. barack obama carried the state in the last election by 5.5 points. but the way the vote came in for obama, it was concentrated in philadelphia and pittsburgh, two big areas that had significant democratic representation. if you did it district -- congressional district alone, out of the 19 congressional districts, governor romney would have carried 13, president obama only 6, and if you gave the two bonus electoral votes to the president, it would have been 13-8. if you decided to pass a law that said the bonus two go to whoever wins the most congressional districts, it would have been 15-8 in favor -- excuse me, 15-6 in favor of governor romney even though he lost the state by a very significant majority. >> but wouldn't you have maybe not riots but something close to it if the word got out in phi
of the union" i'm candy crowley in on the national mall in washington. head to for analysis and extras. if you missed any part of today's show, find us on itunes, just search state of the union. cnn's coverage of president obama's inauguration continues now with my colleagues, gloria borger and john king. >> thank you, candy. good morning from the national mall. welcome to cnn's continuing coverage. our special coverage of the 2013 inauguration of president barack obama. if you tuned in to watch fareed zakaria, they have the weekend off. he'll be back at his regular time next week. gloria, not a crowd behind us. little crowd behind us. the crowd will be here tomorrow for the ceremony, but today is really the day that matters if you read the constitution. >> that's right. today is the day the vice president was sworn in earlier today and the president gets sworn in just before noon and what a great seat we have, john, smack dab in the middle of the mall and, as you said, last night we had some crowds here. today it's a little bit early, i think. >> the smart people in washing
, and michael crowley, times deputy washington bureau chief. good morning, ron, let me start with you. i thought the hearing yesterday had so many fascinating moments to it. should be very different today, don't you think? >> yeah. that was probably the best moment you pulled out there. that was secretary clinton being forceful, showing some accountability, and backing the republicans back in the corner. i don't think senator kerry is going to be put in that position today. he oversees a panel he's going in front of. he's popular on that panel. they got their pound of flesh. republicans did yesterday. out of secretary clinton. i think today will be a yawner. >> michael, john kerry is expected to sail through, but some of the president's other nominees are controversial or i guess less of a sure thing. is this going to set the tone for the rest of the process or does one not necessarily have anything to do with the other? >> yeah, i actually think to the contrary, this is the -- this is sort of the exception to the rule you referred to. i think they're essentially willing, it sounds like republic
: on the panel this week, writer and fox news contributor judy miller. radio talk show host, monica crowley. jim pinkerton, conservative magazine and ellen ratner, radio news service. i'm jon scott, fox news watch is on right now. the fight over guns and the news of another school shooting, breaking at the very same time they were meeting at the white house trying to figure out what to do about all of the gun violence. >> the white house ready to take action on gun violence. >> the vice-president has been tasked with coming up with recommendations for curbing gun violence. >> vice-president joe biden heard from the other side today in the debate over gun control. >> jon: he will wthe debate over gun control took the top spot in news coverage this week, the media in overdrive to push their positions on the issue. as the white house ramped up its agenda to try to curb gun violence. vice-president joe biden heading his boss' task force to come up with a plan, had this to say on wednesday. >> the president is going to act are executive orders, executive action can be taken. we haven't decided what y
titled the gunfighters. joining us is michael crowley. i want to start with a poll you conducted as part of this special report. 62% of americans do not think that tougher laws would actually stem the tide of gun violence in the country. >> that is right. it is not unrealistic of a position to hold. there are huge numbers of guns in american households. it is an open question as to what can be done, so i think there is an intellectually honest position one could take the some of the proposals will not help. at the same time there is higher public support for the measures of the sort the president is advocating today, and i think the president has moved more than they have in other past tragedies, but i think the particulars of this one, the fact there were so many children killed have created a climate on like what we have seen. >> people do not think gun laws are going to do much to stop violence. >> it is not illogical. >> it is part of the problem congressional leaders face if they want to do something about it. >> the entire country is divided. we found it was 55% of the country supp
crowley, senior correspondent and deputy chief of "time" magazine and christine beltran, associate professor of new york university, and mark alexander, a professor of law at seton hall. i want to start with you, mark, because you are there in a law school to teach the interpretation of the constitution to people who are going to practice law, and is this a reasonable way to frame the tradeoff that the p president has a menu of constitutional options, and he has to pick the one to keep the government from going to pieces. >> yes, he has a menu, and he has to make sure that the country goes forward and he is chosen to lead the country. we don't know what is the final answer of what is unconstitutional, until there is a declaration from the supreme court. but the president has to do what needs the be done to get the job done. and president lincoln was using habeas to act now, and see what goes forward and the same for the president now, but as you said, there is real life consequence, because it is a big esoteric conversation, and one that we have ever everyday with the law student,
'd like to also point out former commissioner fx crowley who is here, thank you president for your kind remarks. now, the mayor mentioned this wouldn't have been possible without the generosity of the voters of san francisco in approving the first general obligation bond that had something in it for the port. and leading the charge on that was our very own general manager of rec and park phil ginsburg joined with the president of the rec and park commission mark beale. (applause) >> good afternoon, everybody. it's such a pleasure to join monique and our port commissioners and the mayor and port staff and the department of public works celebrating this incredible investment in the port, which is such a significant part of our treasured open space portfolio in san francisco. but most of all, mark beale and i are here to thank the community, to thank all of you for supporting park bonds, the 2008 clean and safe neighborhoods park bonds provided almost all of the $10 million of investment in where we are standing today. and thanks to the 72% of san franciscans that voted yes in november of
sweden. reaction from our barack and hard place duo here now monica crowley and alan colmes. who punched you? >> it was a very ugly christmas dinner at the crowley household this year. bam, right in the kisser. >> what really happened? >> i'm auditioning for the real housewives of beverly hills. that's what's going on. >> what really happened to you? >> i looked like cass tell yesterday. >> bill: you snell. were you drunk. >> no. i fell. >> bill: for no reason? >> i was thinking of what i'm going to say next on the factor and boom. >> bill: you look like mickey rosenbacher. you would say you are a traditional conservative. >> i think so. >> bill: i'm surprised that there are in america very few traditional leaders, would you agree with that? nobody to rally around. it's a scattered tradition. correct? >> there are some obviously in the churches. some trying to lead a traditional cultural -- >> bill: no, no. who in the churches? who? >> i would say pastors -- i'm talking about. >> liberals are rallying around who? who? >> barack obama. obviously. >> huge icon? >> you are right to say we d
in congress. thank you for watching "state of the union" i'm candy crowley in washington. if you missed any part of today's show find us on itunes. fareed zakaria "gps" is next. >>> this is "gps xwloglobal pub square." i'm fareed zakaria coming to you from london. on today's show we'll look ahead at what 2013 might bring around the world. i have a great panel richard haass, ann-marie slaughter and lionel barber. will israel bomb iran and will the euro zone finally break apart? >>> then the fiscal cliff. the view from across the pond. how did our political process look from a perch overseas and what will it all mean for the u.s. economy and the global economy? >>> also, will this be india's awakening? the nation confronts its own dark corners after a despicable deadly act. i'll look at some parallels with america's recent tragic school shooting. >>> first, here's my take. the deal to avoid the fiscal cliff is a small victory for sanity, but what it says about the future is somewhat bleak. washington will probably lurch from crisis to crisis kicking problems forward and placing band aids smal
now democratic congressman from new york joe crowley. congressman crowley, is any of this rooted in a bias against the northeast? i ask you that because the associated press reports that new york congressman peter king sees a regional bias in the sandy aid bill postponement. he said quote, some republicans have a double standard when it comes to providing aid to new york and new jersey compared with other regions of the country suffers disasters. somehow he said some money going to new york and new jersey is seen as corrupt. do you see it the same way? >> you know, i can only speak for my own perspective and district of the people i represent. the people in queens and bronx and new york city. people who work hard every day. get up and go to work and put their kids in school. and do that repeatedly. they love this country. they don't think of themselves as new yorkers. they think of themselves as americans. and when something like this happens in california or if it happens in texas, in florida, in the carolinas, or in kansas when the tornado hits, i don't ask are they really amer
. it's going to happen friday. >> thanks, mike. i'd like to bring in now congressman joe crowley of new york with us from capitol hill. congressman, we got word the last few minutes that mr. boehner will call a vote on the first $9 billion in sandy aid this friday. are you satisfied with that response? >> i certainly am not. first of all, martin, it's great to be on your show again. happy new year to you and your listeners. >> to you and your family, sir. >> but i've been told over the last few weeks that it's going to happen. i was told we'd have a vote on this yesterday on the larger package. i would then told we'd have one on today. then at the last minute the rug was pulled out from underneath us. and i really say underneath the victims of storm sandy. so forgive me if i seem a little bit skeptical here. i don't -- i cannot take a gift horse in the mouth. i have to see it. and quite frankly, martin, this is only part of it. you know, the $9 billion is only part of the overall package. it really leaves me begging the question whether we'll ever get anything beyond that done. i'd like
, if you will, an analysis of this administration first and second term prospects. monica crowley, michael goodwin, judith miller are back. stay with us. ♪ lou: well, i hate to break up the inaugural party with the fact that we realized that a number of americans have died along with a nuber of others in that hostage siege in algeria. we are back. monica crowley is here, as is judith miller and michael goodwin. i want to start with you. this is another raw, open wound on this administration's performance in foreign policy. we know lite. we have a recent broadcast. katie mcfarland, our colleague said point-blank, the failure of this administration to respond to benghazi will result in another hit, and it is surely coming, and it did. your thoughts? >> i think that the algerians, even though we are taking a lot of criticism right now for what they did, absolutely right thing because it seems to me that people who strapped explosives to hostages and make it clear that there are there to teach them about islam do not have any intention of negotiating. lou: i will go farther, if i may. i will
now from washington is p.j. crowley. he's former director of public affairs, and he served during the clinton administration. p.j. welcome inside "the war room"." >> a pleasure, governor. >> jennifer: so, how do you think kerry did? >> i think he did fine. he's going to be a fine secretary of state as you said, and obviously some in the senate foreign relations committee were responsible for the president choosing john kerry instead of susan rice. i think he's going to be fine. >> jennifer: i agree. on the substance of things with the notice that came out from north korea, what do you think? how much of a threat is north korea, and do you think john kerry might be more aggressive than hillary clinton was with them? >> well, obviously foreign policy will be established at the white house, and then john kerry will be the face and chief executor of the president's foreign policy. north korea is one that has been on the list for some time and perhaps will step up a little bit in terms of urgency but we've been down this road before with north korea. you sit down to play poker with the
"state of the union" i'm candy crowley in washington. head to fareed zakaria "gps" is next. >>> this is gps the global public square. welcome to all of you in the united states and around the world. i'm fareed zakaria coming to you from davos, switzerland. i interviewed one king, seven prime ministers and one head of government. we'll see them in coming weeks. this week one king and one prime minister. we'll start with the king of jordan, abdullah ii. his nation sits in turmoil between syria, egypt, iraq and saudi arabia. despite some protests, jordan hasn't had its own arab spring. everyone was watching the parliamentary elections this week. will they satisfy protesters or inflame them? we'll get the king's reaction. then, the prime minister of r h russia dmitry medvedev. some call it a new cold war. who's to blame and will russia help in syria? we'll discuss it all. >>> also, the algerian hostage crisis that left dozens dead. is this a sign of a grave, new terror threat? i'll tell you my view. >>> but, first, here's my take. every year at davos people like me try to get
for "reliable sources." we'll back here on monday. state of the union with candy crowley gyps right now. >> the times they are achanging in the u.s. military. >> today subtracting jobs in the pentagon and adding women into combat. >> the fact is that they have become an integral part of our ability to perform our mission. >> is chuck hagel the right ban to run a -- we'll ask retired general stanley mcchrystal and michael hayden. and then assault weapons. the public may not want them, so why is banning them unlikely? plus does the republican road to recovery begin outside washington that with virginia governor bob mcdonal. i'm candy crowley. and this is state of the union. >> chuck hagel, the president's choice to be secretary of defense, will face many of his former colleagues this week as confirmation hearings. though congressman hagel has already taken income from many in his party, his critics see as sufficiently pro real. too quick to subject cuts at the pentagon. meantime, the current defense secretary leon panetta is making history on the way out the door. joining me now, retired
" with candy crowley starts right now. >>> the times are a changing in the u.s. military. today, subtracting jobs at the pentagon and adding women into combat. >> the fact is, that they have become an integral part of our ability to perform our mission. >> is chuck hagel the right man to run a pentagon in transition? we'll ask retired general stanley mckristol and michael hayden. >>> then, assault weapons. the public may not want them, so why is banning them unlikely? we'll ask senator dianne feinstein. >>> plus, does the republican road to recovery begin outside the washington. with governor mcdonnell, mia love, scott walker, and carlos gutierrez. i'm candy crowley. this is "state of the union." fire up the hot seat. former senator chuck hagel, the president's choice of secretary of defense will face many former colleagues at this week's confirmation hearings. republican hagel has taken a variety of votes that some see as too quick to suggest cuts at the pentagon and too conciliatory to israel. and president o joining me now retired u.s. army general stanley mcchrystal. author of "my share
of those. bill o' directly ahead. crowley and colmes react to the interview and whether the republican party has to become more moderate. later, charles krauthammer annualized the big new immigration debate as president obama puts forth his vision today in nevada. those reports after these messages. >> bill: impact segment tonight intently how long has he worked here, 20 minutes? >> hello. >> okay, colmes, any quibble with the interview. >> you asked good questions and he gave you good answers. >> bill: do you think he will become a democrat? >> no. >> bill: do you think he will leave the republican party. >> i think the republican party needs a bigger tent. he is an example of why it is necessary. >> bill: he seemed to me during that interview to be more democrat than republican. did he seem that way to you. >> he wasn't really making republican arguments about how the republican party can improve their position. vis-a-vis minorities. vits is a v black. he was making mostly democrat he doesn't want the voter i.d. which i think is ridiculous. he seems, colmes, to like th
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'm thrilled to be joined by tj crowley. thank you so much for joining us this evening. >> a through, john. >> john: i want to get your take on this. did these hearings seem to be more about what happened in four years than what happened in benghazi last fall? >> it's a mix. certainly as your clip showed, some senators and some representatives who just haven't got past september 15th. by the same token there were some from both parties who took the same forward-looking perspective that secretary clinton has and say what does benghazi tell us about the dynamic of the region and the danger of al-qaeda. how do you connect what happened to libya to what is happening in mali and recently in algeria? i think that's the kind of perspective that we need as we continue to sort through what happened. while she testified today, there is still many things that we don't know. particularly who did it and why they did it. that's still subject of the fbi investigation. >> john: as we just heard senator paul called secretary clinton's actions inexcusable and said she did not read her cables. >> any request
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